Claire is Group CPO and part of the Co-op leadership team.  At the Co-op, Procurement supports the whole organisation including Retail, Life Services, NISA, Ventures and supporting functions. The team are also responsible for the end to end risk management for all third-party Goods Not for Resale spend. 

Claire loves the challenge of delivering value with values; the team needs to be sharply focused on commercials whilst simultaneously aligning with the Co-op values and vision of ‘Co-operating for a fairer world’.              

Prior to the Co-op, Claire worked across Asda and Wal-Mart for 23 years, leading the Asda procurement team, sharing learning and experiences with wider Wal-Mart international markets to grow procurement support and influence. Latterly, she led the Wal-Mart US IT Sourcing team, working remotely with teams across four countries to deliver procurement value and supplier management within the global business services organisation.

Claire is passionate about creating strong business partnerships through engaged, skilled and driven teams providing collaborative challenge across the business and encouraging supply chains to truly co-operate.