Barry Parkin leads two areas critical to Mars’ future business success and its role as a corporate citizen. As Chief Sustainability Officer at Mars, Barry is responsible for developing and driving the company’s sustainability programs across its value chain from farmers through to consumers. In the five years he has held this position, Barry has worked with business leadership and operational teams to develop and articulate Mars’ corporate commitments and strategies. This work resulted in the launch of Mars’ Sustainable in a Generation Plan in September 2017, laying out the path for Mars to become a truly sustainable business. 

Barry is one of the key corporate spokespeople on Sustainability, regularly sharing his viewpoints at influencer convenings and through media interviews.  He and his team are responsible for building strong and collaborative partnerships with Mars’ suppliers, governments, development agencies, NGO’s and peer companies on a pre-competitive basis to advance sustainable development. 

Barry is also the Chairman of the World Cocoa Foundation.  In this position, he leads the industry’s collaborative efforts to advance sustainable cocoa.